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99 out of 100 ladies among the visitors to MAGYAR ZSUZSA PMU ART are proud to wear their PMU tattoos.

and there is one who didn’t read the terms and conditions, and doesn’t know the conditions of permanent make up:

Magyar Zsuzsa Sminktetováló és kozmetikus mester certificate

I. Before our cooperation it’s important to understand the following conditions of the service.

  1. I accept the GDPR.

I agree that that tracking emails and EDM mails will be sent to me.

I give my consent that photos of my body parts can be used for demonstration provided I’m not recognizable.

1/b,  Moreover, I consent to photos and videos of my whole face being used for demonstrative purposes, on Facebook or any other internet site without any time limitation in exchange for …% discount price

Discount price/°%……………………..signature: ……………………………………….

  1. If You request this service, You accept the service terms and conditions. link
  2. for Your safety and Your request for a service of the highest quality and for ensuring a safe service, extra services requiring master knowledge are provided only by Magyar Zsuzsa, services requiring other knowledge levels are provided by our creative team.
  3. It will be performed by team members trained by Zsuzsa using the machines and pigments used at MAGYAR ZSUZSA PMU ART, by the master method of Magyar Zsuzsa and with an opportunity to consult her. The services are divided to achieve a maximum quality and cost-efficiency.
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II. Price list, service price, extra fee for correction, – price of VIP refreshing

    1.  If You couldn’t visit us in person for consultation, Your treatment plan based on the photo sent by You can still be changed if necessary to achieve the best solution. And it can also happen that when You arrive, You come up with another idea.

      You have come to the best place possible, You have chosen 29 Years of experience and master knowledge. – At our salon all the techniques are available that are used in PMU today. The plan will be customized for You.


      After overviewing the creative beauty style plan and the references, You can choose something different from what You choose at first. This is no problem. Different plan, different price. If the plan is changed, it may be made by another colleague.

      6.The shading correction eyebrows is a more complex task, it is usually made by the creative team, after consulting Magyar Zsuzsa, for an extra fee: 10-20 000 HUF, this work may involve color neutralization and shape correction. The price doesn’t include the partial removals which are available even for 6000 HUF / session, they can be performed immediately after the PMU treatment.

      The shape correction is customized to Your needs, but it cannot be predicted if some parts will have to be removed. You have to take this risk.

      1. If Your skin is affected by seborrhea, rosacea or photoaging, or You have an old PMU, it is possible to continue our cooperation for 20 000 HUF and We will do our best to keep You satisfied.

      After analyzing Your previous reactions, We choose the best pigments for You.

      This 3rd correction is  possible in 6 months  after the first session.

      1. If You have had plastic surgery or filling on the surface, it is more complicated, so it also costs some extra fee of 10-30 000 HUF. In these cases it can happen that the work is made by Magyar Zsuzsa instead of the creative team, and the price will change accordingly, and perhaps You need to make a new appointment.
      12. Later, You will get a big discount for the VIP upgrading at our salon. If some work was done on the area at another salon in the meantime, we can provide the next service as correction. .
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III. MAGYAR ZSUZSA PMU ART – professional conditions – planning and process

  1. If You have strong mimic, there will always be some difference between the 2 sides.

     Planning cannot be done by looking at ourselves in the mirror if we have a strong mimic. It must be based on objective photos.  

    1. The skin is the PMU artist’s canvas. We work on unique canvases(skin), its color and texture are added to the pigments – therefore each result is unique. Each of our works includes 5 types of machines, 7 pigment brands, 29 years of experience in methodology with 1000 case studies and continuous trainings to achieve the maximum result for Your beauty.
    2. How to arrive? Relaxed, with the right mindset, under no circumstances on an empty stomach in a rush, or in a hurry.

    – the surface must not be freshly shaved or epilated, waxed, five days, and there must not be wound, scab, or inflammation.

    – The tendency to have herpes is not a contraindication, it is recommended to take Telciran or Lizin C, before the PMU for lips.    

    With freshly washed hair, because after the treatment the skin must not come into contact with water for 7-8 days.

    You shouldn’t drink coffee in the last 4 hours before the treatment, You shouldn’t take painkiller except for those that are not blood thinners. There are only few of them, e.g. Cataflam. We will give You if necessary.

    Artificial eyelashes should be removed two days before the treatment, otherwise they can be more sensitive during the treatment.  Contact lenses should be remove before eyelid or eyebrows the treatment. Durable eyebrow pigments should be faded. You shouldn’t wear waterproof make-up, or thick make-up.

    3-6D lashes should not be put on again for 30 days, because the glue causes irritation, loss of pigment, or damages. Lash regenerating serum can only be used for 10 days after the treatments, use the 30-90 days between the treatments for regeneration and upgrading the conditions of Your eyelashes. For example Nanolash. In case of herpes or ophthalmia or conjuctivitis, no area can be tattooed. While taking antibiotics or blood thinner, and for 10 days after You last take them, the treatment is prohibited. If You take lighter blood thinner, the fading of eyebrow strokes accelerates. You must inform the PMU artist about Your medication.

    1. Cosmetic treatments with steam or acid are not recommended within 30 days after the PMU treatment, other cosmetic treatments are not recommended in the next 14 days. You shouldn’t go the sauna in the next 14 days. Active sports that make You sweat are not recommended for minimum 10 days. Menses is not a contraindication.

    During the treatments avoid using Your mobile phone or anything that may distract You or the artist. We do our job and communicate as much as is not disturbing us.

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IV. MAGYAR ZSUZSA PMU ART – Health conditions


  1. A complete list of health conditions can be found here:ű

Illness: —————————————————————————————–


  1. It is important to understand that the skin type exterior damages and interior conditions can make it difficult or impossible to achieve 100% catalogue result. We make huge efforts to make the most of difficult possibilities despite these conditions.

Skin types like seborrhea, hyperkeratosis and big pores, inflamed skin with acnes, rosacea, old tattoos and scars,

skin damages, acute smoking, photoaging

some medicines, and dietary supplements

  1. it is fact, that the delivery of pigments out of our body is accelerated by taking blood thinners immune system strengthening products, and dietary supplements for body builders. It may also cause faster fading.
  2. You have to accept that due to the flexibility of the skin, the result may be only 95% symmetry after the first session at MAGYAR ZSUZSA PMU Art, after the session the skin is swollen, the symmetry cannot be judged exactly, therefore if it was pre-drawn, and it was approved by You, and fixed with a felt pen, then it will be decided before the fine tuning if the shape should be modified. Nowadays very long lines are made and shadings tend to cover bigger areas, it takes longer time for them to heal even with the most careful work, even if the shape is quiet and beautiful.
  3. Our guests must accept that they will check the result concerning symmetry only after the fine tuning is finished.
  4. Temporary contraindications during fine tuning:

Conjunctivitis, herpes – not local contraindication, if there is fever, or infection, psoriasis, ekzema, allergy, open scars,  and open scars with the danger of secondary infection, sunburn, taking blood thinners, or steroids.

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V. Conditions caused by corrections or old tattoos


  1. . It is an important condition that if You have an old tattoo, its correction may start with a removal to achieve a satisfactory  result. It may take more than 2 sessions.

    If the required service is impossible to provide professionally, the service provider will not take the job. In case of repair, we cannot guarantee the result.

    1. If You requested a shape correction, Your old tattoo will stick out here and there, and these parts should be removed at 1 or more sessions, in extreme cases it may take even 10 sessions. The number of removals is determined by the number of injected pigment layers, their properties, and the depth of injections. There only way to avoid this is to make an exact copy of the old shape – even it is not symmetric. However, we don’t take such jobs. In case of correction, they mustn’t connect our name to the work.
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  1. The first phase of healing takes 4-5 days until the skin peels. But some symptoms may occur due to the causes detailed in points 8 and 10 such as intensive and long lasting smoking, photoaging due to excessive sunbathing, or on the eye as a result of surgery, on the lips due to filling.

    It can happen that the symptoms described below appear because of external or internal problems for which the PMU artist cannot be held responsible.   

    In case of a tendency, the skin can be swollen or it can have a haematoma, for 4-5 days – it is perfectly normal.

    1. If the rules are not kept during the healing period, it can affect the possibilities, the healing and the result. It is forbidden to apply any materials to it, except what is given or recommended by the service provider. You should apply the cream min. 5-7 times/day – for 1 week, after that 2-3 times / day- for 1 month.
    2. During the healing period it is forbidden to go to sauna for min. 10 days or to soak it because the pigments will partly fade (7-8 days), to expose it to sunshine in the next 15 days. After that it must be protected with 50SPF sun cream for its lifetime, otherwise the PMU will fade. Going to solarium is strictly forbidden for 30 days.
    3. If the rules are not kept probably a 3rd session will be needed even if You didn’t have an old PMU. It will cost 20 000 HUF before from the 1. day on for 6. months.
    4. If the PMU remains in the skin after the healing following the correction min.30 days, the work is considered successful.
    5. It is an important condition that the making of a new PMU usually takes two sessions. The first session is foundation when the contrast between the basic skin color and the desired result must be eliminated, and we will get the desired shades after the fine tuning at the second session.     
    6. The PMU is an intervention made with needles, for some days there may be a swollen area, which may seem thicker and longer than the plan, but it is natural.
    7. It is logical that a fresh PMU is stronger and darker, because a layer of oxidized paint shows on the surface. But it changes during the healing process.

    Deliberate damaging may influence the result, in this case our relationship is finished.

    1. After session 1, the work is not finished yet, but after 21 days the first phase is finished. Certain pigments seem to be colder, others warmer in the following 8 weeks. Covering shades are applied at the 2nd session after the reactions of the skin are analyzed.
    2. Did You know? After the lip PMU more collagen is produced, You will see it little bit tighter, You will not see it symmetric, because it is swollen, its shape changes. As a result, the cupid’s bow can become fuller, therefore the shape is redrawn and perfected before correction.

    36.It’s possible that the volume of the eyelid shadow will be finished at the second session.

    1. You have to accept, that in certain health conditions like diabetes or lactation, the pigments look in a different shade, we cannot control it.

    Connection of the expected life cycle and the conditions:……………………………


    1. Take Your time to study the health conditions necessary for PMU, ask Your questions, before booking 2.5 hours, because working hours have to be paid by the client. Forget about the partial information You read on the internet. They usually know it better, but PMU is a profession. You may made the right decision to choose MAGYAR ZSUZSA PMU Salon with the 29 years of experience following the latest trends. Patience is a virtue.      
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.  VII. MAGYAR ZSUZSA PMU Art: Life cycle

  1. PMU will not last forever, its life cycle changes in different areas. WE must accept that even a slight fading of light colors is visible, so refreshment is needed more often. When fading, the underlying tone of the pigments becomes highlighted. Therefore, we try to combine pigments whose subtones cancel one another and they will fade in the most natural colors.

    1. Eyebrow PMUs need refreshing every 1-2-3 years. Hair strokes more often than shading. Oily skin must be refreshed every year.
    2. Eyelid PMUs need refreshing every 2-10 years. In extremely white skin it is never 100% black. Pigments leave faster those skins that tend to develop oedema.
    3. Those who wear 3-6D eyelashes must face the consequences that the glue and the solvent continuously dry the skin at the base of eyelashes, that’s why PMU will fade faster in the line of the eyelashes.
    4. Lip PMUs must be refreshed every 2-7 years. Watercolor technique, or natural lip and nanolip techniques fade faster than covers with rouge effect, in any natural shade. Filling techniques accelerate the fading process. On dry lips peeling in scales, pigments fade faster. The frequent occurrence of herpes does not necessarily accelerate the fading process. The lack of UV protection not only fades the colors, but it also contributes to them becoming paler. 
    5. If the new PMU is made after multiple removals, in 6-12 months after the new repair PMU, You will definitely need a refreshment.
    6. I received complete information on my own unique features influencing the result and lifecycle…………………………………………………………………………………………….


    1. The fact must be accepted, that the durable painting of eyebrows is made with H2O2, this makes the eyebrow PMU irreversibly paler.
  1. It must be accepted that tanning in solaria regularly leads to the fast fading of pigments, enhanced metabolism of the skin results in migration therefore face tanning must be switched off and +a 50 SPF UV sunscreen with painting with white pencil under it to block UV rays are necessary for the entire lifetime of LIFETIME PMU.

    1. The method is important, after the PMU is finished, the excessive parts must be trimmed or removed to maintain the symmetry of the eyebrows. If some hairs that are originally planned to be left there are removed within the shape, it may seem scanty, incomplete. If it overgrows without being trimmed or thinned, then the symmetry is distorted, the service provider shall not take responsibility for this.
    2. According to the terms of our service, if you are not satisfied, you are to send your notices with photos attached to the service provider within 30 days after the correction, which is the fine-tuning. After that a free correction is possible if there were no obstacles or old tattoos that were corrected and the rules of home care are kept correctly.
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  1. We are to inform you hereby that the service provider has taken liability insurance with GENERALI insurance company (reg. number: 95465003580115800). In case any suspicion of a professional mistake arises, first it must be communicated in writing with photos attached to the following number: and Magyar Zsuzsa professional director will make a suggestion for the solution and if it is possible she will solve the problem. If the communication comes to a halt, the request will be forwarded to the insurance company of the service provider for further investigation with the e-mail address of the claimant. In case of a mistake, the insurance company will follow the provisions of the agreement.

    1. Every intervention in the human body incurs some minimal risk. Those who work can make mistakes sometimes. In our salon it rarely occurs as we lay a stress on your satisfaction, we may spend even an hour on planning and eventually we will make exactly the plan considered symmetric and accepted by you. We create everything in cooperation with you, step by step. Your own facial expression affects the basic shape, so it is important for you to control your facial expression during the planning phase. We cooperate with you based on it. Botox results in a continuously changing facial expression for about six months after it is injected, when it leaves the body. If the skin is continuously influenced by botox, it results in a dynamically changing facial expression month by month. The service provider cannot be held liable for the PMU changing its place in consequence of the continuous changes of the facial expression.
    2. The shape, which is approved by you after a long process of planning and deliberation is solely your decision. It cannot occur that we do not agree with you on it or we make it without any plan. The plan is documented with photos taken of it at the moment it is accepted. As the shape is fixed with a surgical felt pen, we can rule out the possibility of its shift. With regard to the color, the pigment is injected into a living organism where colors are affected by a number of factors. They can partly be calculated in advance, but not in 100%. At the time of correction, the pigments, needle modules and machines most suitable for the continuation are chosen after an analysis of the first treatment.
    3. Your service is based upon the present terms and conditions. The terms and conditions shall be clarified and accepted by the parties both orally and in writing before the service provision is started. Any quality complaint, except for the foreseeable obstacles, concerning the service shall be accepted only in 30-40 days after the correction, according to points 14, 39.41, 41, 44. If there were any obstacles, then the work is carried on according to the present terms and conditions for the additional fee charged for it. Buyer shall send any quality complaint to the service provider in 30-40 days after the second session and shall refrain from making any comments or expressing any opinion to a third party.
    4. QUALITY COMPLAINTS may only be sent in e-mails to MAGYAR ZSUZSA PMU and cosmetics master, professional director to the following address: which shall be answered within eight days. It must be accepted that problems may arise for many reasons among which the quality of the work is only one possible factor. Certainly, it is in everyone’s interest that the service will be provided objectively to the full satisfaction of all parties interested, but it requires a thorough investigation of the complaint. If it is not successful, the professional insurance company will be involved as is described above.
    5. It is laid down in the legal terms and conditions and shall be deemed accepted that any comment made on community sites or at other platforms on unproved (or even on proved) cases and any oral or written statement negatively affecting the service provider as a person or an enterprise and which can be directly or indirectly connected to the client shall incur legal consequences and a law suit issued by our legal representative. It is forbidden to share photos taken during the recovery period or connect them to the name of the service provider.
    6. Any troubling behavior or any behavior contrary to the content of the terms and conditions of the agreement or against the experts representing the service provider, damaging, swearing or making any claim shall incur legal consequences.
    7. Data management – data protection: with the expressed consent of the client, for quality and tracing purposes, and for the professional and legal protection of both the service provider and the clients, the data and the photo documentation of the work shall be treated confidentially and stored for 8 years. In case of any dispute, the data and the photo documentation shall be used to attest the work process of Service Provider and the accepted shape plans. The data shall be stored on a physical data storing device without indicating any names or personal identification and this data storage is accessible exclusively to Magyar Zsuzsa director, representing the service provider and is not accessible on the internet. The data storage is based on your signature approving the present terms and conditions.
    8. It is possible to delay the treatment, the period of the usability of the deposit can be extended even for a year.
    9. If you desist from having the treatment for good more than 3 days before the treatment, you must be aware of the fact that the deposit is not refundable without any well-founded reason such as durable medical contraindication, which is supported with documentation. You should be aware that in case you desist from the treatment, any costs shall be deducted from the amount of the deposit and the residual amount (50%) will be transferred back in case anyone desists without due reason. In case anyone desists from the treatment less than 3 days before the procedure, no refund is payable.
    10. The value of online or personal consultation or recommendation is 10,000 HUF, but this fee is not charged. Paying a deposit is always preceded by an online or personal planning and an approximate quotation (price offer) and clarifying the demands, which is also free of charge and is without any obligation, Magyar Zsuzsa and her colleagues do not charge any fee for their work. Administrative tasks and registration must be made before the treatment is started. These have costs. The deposit is paid after detailed information is communicated and the terms and conditions are thoroughly read and it is not refundable. Our decisions require work and incur costs. If you change your mind, the costs of the whole process and the costs of cancellation cannot be pushed on the service provider. Certainly, it is possible to confer 100% of the sum on someone else if you have changed your mind. You only have to inform the service provider about the beneficiary, who will use the sum.
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  1. You must know that in the calendar, 2.5 hours are maintained for a treatment by the service provider, aiming to achieve maximum quality. Unforeseen conditions and extra work may result in delays. Therefore, you must have at least four free hours when you arrive (it has happened that someone did not approve the plan for two hours she herself drew in the second hour).
  2. When an appointment is made, it must be confirmed by paying the deposit within 24 hours, if it is not done, we will have to make another appointment. The deposit is not repaid if the service is not provided at the appointed time except when the service provider is responsible for it. In such cases another time shall be appointed. The deposit can only be repaid if the service provider is unable to provide another session.
  3. Change or cancellation of appointment: You should do it only with sufficient reason. You would not be happy if someone wasted 2.5 hours of your time. We live on PMU. The only way that an appointment can be changed or canceled is to send an email to the following address: (SMS is not acceptable as in this case the message will not reach the person concerned). If someone does so in spite of all these, and they have not paid a deposit, we cannot accept them in the future.
  4. As a result of last minute cancellation, our colleague cannot do anything at the time of the appointment and this period shall also be charged. In case of appointments cancelled within 3-2 working days (72-48 hours), half of the amount of the Deposit will be calculated in the price of the next appointment.
  5. It is possible for us to stand the expenses of down-time if an appointment is cancelled within 48 hours. In this case we request a medical report within 5 days from the time of the appointment.
  6. The DEPOSIT cannot be refunded if it is not the service provider’s fault that the service is not provided.

I have studied and understood the 66 points of the agreement above, I, hereby, accept its conditions and take the risks involved.

Date: Budapest, day…./ month…../ year 20….


Signature: ……………………………………..

client’s e-mail address:…………………………….

client’s ID number:………………………………….


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