Would you like to take the next step as a PMU Artist? Now you have the opportunity to learn from the best!

What’s included in the PMU MasterClass Course?

  • Customised development
  • Intensive Theory
  • Practice focused courses, with different skin types in focus with 2 models, and case studies
  • Small groups, max. three participants
  • Certificate
  • Online consultation fot 90 days
  • Possibility of taking an exam
  • Succesfull start with portfolio
  • After the course You can use the logo
  • During the training the biggest brands in Hungary are available for You
  • It’s guaranteed that the knowledge acquired on the training can immediately be used in practice

Tutor: Magyar Zsuzsa master PMU, makeup specialist, mask master, laser assistent, practicing PMU 8 hours a day since 1993.

Take the next step as a PMU Artist!

What kind of experience awaits you if you join?

The videos below give you a glimpse into our world of PMU artist training.

In 2019, makeup effect is the goal of PMU. PMU-s are becoming more and more natural and finer with shades.


You have the opportunity to learn PMU on the highest level.


Beauty will become available for your customers through your confident, practical knowledge.


The success of the present in learning will be the success of the future in your work.

Who do I recommend the MasterClass to?

Choose this, if You have already gained routine,
but You would like to learn to make the international trends
or to apply a precise technique effectively, at once.

Take the next step as a PMU Artist!

Why choose Our course?

  • learning the newest international trends
  • dialectic concept
  • brand-independent teaching
  • tailor-made teaching
  • we Make your services sellable

Brilliant Lips


Lifelike Brows

How can you enrich your knowledge with Us?

We mainly teach our unique up-to-date 2019 techniques, which makes us different.

Rainboweyes, Hypnose eyes, LifeLikeBrows, LifeLike RichBrows, Brilliantlips, Lips Satin.

In 2019 the trend is to achieve a shaded make up effect and lifelike style eyebrows instead of direct contrasts.

LifeLike RichBrows have the powderbrows illusion, but before that the hairstrokes are built of pigments.

Rainboweyes and Hypnose: Besides a perfect acquisition of the technique, we can create a radiating countenance also by developing visual thinking.

Brilliantlips and Lips Satin are two special techniques in the field of full pigmentation, which serves the purpose of not only making precise lips shapes and colors, but also creating a beauty which is enchanting with play and shades.

For one perfect work we usually use 2-3 needle modules, so it”s important to have a quality System at a reasonable price, which is light and helps in making the process of pigmentation safe.

Price: 130 000 – 150 000 Ft / day + the cost of models

Jelentkezés sminktetoválás képzésre

 Magyarországon, egyedülálló módon nálam egy kézben összpontosul a legmodernebb ajak, szem, szemöldök sminktetoválás és a régi, rossz sminktetoválások javítása, eltávolítása, akár új smink tetoválásod mellett a részleges eltávolítás kivételes lehetőségével.

Írj nekünk üzenetet, vagy keress minket telefonon!

Cím: 1052 Budapest, Régi posta utca 4.

Telefon: +36-70/313-03-13

Email: magyarzsuzsasminktetovalasvip@gmail.com

What kind of PMU works will you do if you learn with Us?