Would you like to become a professional permanent makeup artist? Now you have the chance to learn from the best!

What’s included in the PMU Basic Course?

  • Practice focused courses, with different skin types in focus with 2 models, and case studies
  • Small groups, max. three participants
  • Certificate
  • Customised development
  • Online consultation fot 88 days
  • Succesfull start with portfolio
  • After the course You can use the logo
  • During the training the biggest brands in Hungary are available for You
  • It’s guaranteed that the knowledge acquired on the training can immediately be used in practice

Tutor: Magyar Zsuzsa master PMU, makeup specialist, mask master, laser assistent, practicing PMU 8 hours a day since 1993.


Would you like to become a permanent makeup artist? Get Started today!

What kind of experience awaits you if you join?

The videos below give you a glimpse into our world of PMU artist training.

In 2019, makeup effect is the goal of PMU. PMU-s are becoming more and more natural and finer with shades.



You have the opportunity to learn PMU on the highest level.



Beauty will become available for your customers through your confident, practical knowledge.



The success of the present in learning will be the success of the future in your work.

Would you like to become a permanent makeup artist? Get Started today!

What skills are needed or how to become a PMU specialist?

  • Creative thinking and creation
  • Visual way of seeing, drawing and graphic skills
  • It is important to feel the facial characteristics
  • It is necessary to focus attention and to keep calm
  • Loads and loads of practice, to develop fine-motor skills

How will practice- oriented creative art education be beneficial?

By special methods We can be more effective in the second stage of learning, thus our movements can be refined, automatic, and more succesful. All this has a counter-effect on the development of visual concept and creative thinking.

During my PMU courses I try to eliminate the mistakes in the beginning, using the educational method developed by me, in the first stage in the course of practice under maximal control. After the intensive theoretical education by making the movements automatic and by improving fine motoric movements, the visual skills will be honed.

For me it is surprising that starting with different basics and from different levels, We reach a similar knowledge level.

2019 is the year of smart education, after the first two days of the 2+88 day-long Starteducation we develop the learnt material immediately with the practising colleagues

We are at Your service with continuous online consultation so that handing down the original method can provide valuable knowledge.

It’s highly importan that You must never stop practising since the acquired skills and automatisms can decay.

Apply to PMU training

Address: 1052 Budapest, Régi posta utca 4.

Phone: +36-70/313-03-13

Email: magyarzsuzsasminktetovalasvip@gmail.com

What kind of PMU works will you do if you learn with Us?