Creative thinking and creation with sound foundations

What skills are needed for PMU? Firstly a visual attitude is necessary for drawing and graphic skills.
Concerning any type of PMU and microblading, We need to feel the charachteristics of the face and We have to know The Gold Rules.
We have to visualise the plan, therefore it is the visual attitude that is necessary during the work to create a work of art.
Secondly, the appropriate technique must be known and it has to be strictly kept,
which requires concentration and quiet to coordinate.
The movements are controlled by the brain and with the coordination of the eyes and hands the sketch is made.

Acquiring a new technique confidently requires a lot of practice. The clumsy initial movements
later develop into more differentiated and easier ones, they become automatic.
By practising the movements continuously the refined motoric skills develop so we will be able to achieve ever smoother lines and ever more confident hand movements regulating the momentum, the pressure, and the rythm.

In the beginning We have to see the plan and control our movements with pinpoint precision. Later in thecourse of becoming automatic, the brain will remember the correct movements and our hands will be controlled by our memories.

How will practice- oriented creative art education be beneficial?
By special methods We can be more effective in the second stage of learning, thus our movements can be refined and automatic, more succesfully. All this has a counter-effect on the development of visual concept and creative thinking.
During my PMU courses I try to eliminate the mistakes in the beginning, using the educational method developed by me, in the first stage in the course of practice under maximal control. After the intensive theoretical education by making the movements automatic and by improving fine motoric movements, the visual skills will be honed. For me it is surprising that starting with different basics and from different levels, We reach a similar knowledge level.

2019 is the year of SMART EDUCTION, when after the first 2 days of the 2+88-day-long course we immediately develop with our colleagues what was learnt. We are at your disposal with an online consultation so that by passing on the original method, we could provide valuable knowledge. It is very important that one must never stop practising as the acquired skills and automatisms may also dec..nk.
In 2019, in PMU, shaded, make-up effects and „LifeLike” eyebrows are to be achieved instead of direct contrasts.
During the Start education we teach an artistic concept too, besides the basic learning material.
LifeLikeRichBrows is nothing else but a Powerbrows illusion together with the preliminary pigmentation of the strokes.

We are lay a stress ont he analysis of the results after healing, therefore we expect mainly your own models even for the Start Education, each module of which lasts 2+88 days.
To achieve perfect results, we use different needle modules, so it is important that it should be a quality system for a reasonable price, which is easy and helps tocarry out a safe pigmetation.

Rainboweyes and Hypnose
Besides perfectly acquiring the technique, by improving visual thinking we can create shining looks.
Brillantips and Akvarel, two special techniques in full pigmentation, which not only help create regular lips precisely but also aim to achieve a beauty that fascinates with the play of shades.
Magyar Zsuzsa, master beautician, PMU specialist, with a salon experience since 1993, laser assistant, founder and trainer of MAGYAR ZSUZSA PMU ART and its leading PMU artist